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Spokane Plow Ice Management Services
Ice Management
We offer both preventative Anti-icing (pre-storm) and De-Icing (after storm) service. Be prepared with this pro-active application that takes the bite out of ice and snow by preventing it from bonding to walkways and parking lots in the first place. Thanks to our weather tracking tools, we know when to start anti-icing hours before the storm hits. This results in the safest property conditions possible in winter. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to de-icing, especially since it makes for easier snow and ice removal. We use environmentally friendly, approved liquid anti-icer that’s less corrosive than distilled water, so you know it’s safe for asphalt, concrete, grass and plants.

Per Incident
A per time contract provides a cost for all snow plowing, liquid de-icing, and sidewalk services. The customer is billed only for work performed, and the amount of the invoice is determined by snow accumulation.

Spokane Plow's Liquid De-Icer is a corrosion inhibited calcium chloride based liquid that is making winter conditions more bearable for cities, towns, business owners, and vehicles. It is activated by an exothermic reaction. This means when applied it gives off a heat and draws in moisture from the air allowing it to break down existing ice and prevent ice build up. This is More Than a Safe Product, It’s Been Proven to Work Better.

Other products, such as road salt and mag-chloride, rely on heat from the air to activate and keep it activated. These products work little if at all on colder days because there is less heat in the air. Spokane Plow's Liquid De-Icer is already in solution and produces it’s own heat. It is activated faster, so even on the colder days it works. When other products stop working at above freezing temperatures, Spokane Plow's Liquid De-Icer will stay activated in sub-zero temperatures as low as -26oF


Storms give us little preparation time for getting roads safe for traffic. When our crews have to work fast, a messy, corrosive product can be hard to work with. Spokane Plow's Liquid De-Icer
has been tested and proven to be a less, corrosive product. That benefits the trucks and equipment used for application, but also the drivers on the treated roads.

Why Liquid?

While significant cost reduction in material and labor along with a need for increased safety and melting performance drives the rapid growth of this emerging technology. We care about working with you for the long haul, we strive to represent our products and services with accuracy and honesty. We have done our research, field tests, and personally witnessed what's available for Ice Prevention. Only a few products meet our exceptionally high standards of quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness in the long-term.

All products are proven and designed for private and public users alike including:

  • Regional shopping centers
  • Municipalities
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • DOT
  • Colleges and universities
  • School systems
  • Churches
  • All other commercial businesses and residences

Research has proven when pavement owners apply liquid anti-icing treatments to their pavements as part of a proactive attack before the storm arrives, the result is a significant reduction in the effort (and cost) to keep roads highways and parking areas clear.

To take the plan one step further, anti-icing effectiveness is maximized and enhancers act to "supercharge" the liquid De-Icer and not only causes the liquid De-Icer to melt longer, but to melt at lower temperatures as well.

As added benefits :

  • Reduces corrosion to your equipment.
  • Reduces friction damage to concrete.
  • Helps sustain our infrastructure.
  • Is ultimately cost-effective.

Liquid De-Icers exhibit more melting and staying power than nearly anything else on the market today.

Once again the cost reduction more than pays for the pre-wetting process providing an overall net savings!

Users have learned that liquid De-Icers have minimized their total operating costs by:

  • Reducing the amount of chemical needed for melting and removing hazardous winter snow and ice.
  • Reducing associated costs such as driver/operator overtime and wear and tear on equipment, since fewer trips and repeat applications are needed.
  • Eliminating any cleanup costs in the spring because there is nothing to sweep up.
  • Eliminating the annual replacement costs of delicate landscaping, trees, shrubs.
  • Eliminating costly repairs to expensive floors, marble, brick, terrazzo, carpet and other quality surfaces.

Since liquid De-Icer has no abrasive elements common in other de-icers, replacement, cleanup or repair becomes virtually non-existent. Many of our customers have indicated their reduced floor care costs single-handedly paid for the switch over to liquid De-Icer! Not a bad trade off huh? So what are you waiting for?

The most important issue of all is SAFETY!

Those who use liquid liquid De-Icer know how effective they are at improving public safety and reducing auto and pedestrian accidents.

Research conducted by insurance agencies, municipalities and state agencies show a dramatic reduction in claims for loss of life, limb and property damage after liquid liquid De-Icer are employed. Lets face it, one slip and fall could potentially cost many times more than an entire seasons budget for liquid De-Icer or even subsequent winters!

There is a learning curve whenever a new or different process or technique is employed. Our goal is to educate our customers and help them understand operating parameters and limitations when using liquid liquid De-Icer. That is why we provide information to disseminate facts and debunk common myths.

Materials Safety Data Sheet

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Bonded • Insured • Licensed • Locally Owned
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