Spokane Plow Snow & Ice Removal
Serving the Spokane, Post Falls and CDA area
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Bonded • Insured • Licensed • Locally Owned

Commercial Service

We offer full winter commercial snow plowing and removal services for our customers. Whether you require snow plowing for a parking lot, grocery shopping area, medical facility, movie theater, industrial lot, office building, driveway, or walkway, Spokane Plow Snow Removal can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing, removal, and relocation services throughout the entire winter season.

All of our Snow Specialists clear designated areas before 7 a.m. We recognize the importance of having clean, well-maintained, and safe commercial areas to ensure the easy flow of traffic in business locations. Ease and accessibility are priorities for us when we work with our commercial clients.

Hence, we meet with you prior to commencing work initially to discuss designated areas to clear, where to relocate snow, obstacles to avoid, and where to apply de-icing agents if necessary. Spokane Snow Removal provides Liquid De-Ice as necessary upon request and with your prior approval.

We employ commercial grade snow plows for snow plowing, hauling, removal, and relocation. Whether you need a one-time service or ongoing snow plowing solutions for the snow season, Spokane Plow Snow Removal can assist you with all of your winter commercial services. Our seasoned and trained staff is ready to handle any kind of snow emergency.

Dispatched by our Snow Task Automated Routing System, SnowStar
© System, using well maintained vehicles, and commercial grade snow plows, our team members also carry maps of all sites that are clearly marked with areas for clearing and relocating snow. We provide and install hi-visibility snow stakes to mark obstacles and routes .

Call us now to schedule your snow plowing services (509) 720-PLOW (7569)


Snow Management And So Much More!
When the snow starts coming down, we are the ones you should call. 
Our services go far beyond just snow and ice management. Whatever you need, we can fill your snow management needs.

Snow Plows
Our snowplows are here to provide whatever service you need.  No snow plow job is too big, and no job is too small.  We service residential, commercial and industrial sites.  If you have snowplowing needs then we can take care of them.  Our contractor grade plows can get the job done right.

Snow Removal
We have loaders and 16 yard dump trucks available after snow events or after several events where snow piles up. This service may be especially valuable to those after a large snow fall, blizzard event, or after several snow falls have accumulated and the piles hinder traffic or parking capabilities.

ATV with Plow / Snow Blowers

Perhaps you are hesitant to hire snow plowing services for your residential property.  Some snow management companies leave marks on lawns when they plow driveways.  If you are not comfortable with snow plowing services then we have another option.  We can offer snow blowing services instead.  This way you can enjoy all the snow removal without any concern.  

Ice Management
We offer both preventative Anti-icing (pre-storm) and De-Icing (after storm) service.
Be prepared with this pro-active application that takes the bite out of ice and snow by preventing it from bonding to walkways and parking lots in the first place. Thanks to our weather tracking tools, we know when to start anti-icing hours before the storm hits. This results in the safest property conditions possible in winter. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to de-icing, especially since it makes for easier snow and ice removal. We use environmentally friendly, approved liquid De-icer that’s less corrosive than distilled water!, so you know it’s safe for asphalt, concrete, grass and plants.

Snow Shovel
And yes, we do still shovel for those final touches!

Per Incident
A per time contract provides a cost for all snow plowing, liquid de-icing, and sidewalk services. The customer is billed only for work performed, and the amount of the invoice is determined by time on site.

Hourly Rate / Discounts Available
Snow removal services performed utilizing time and material basis.
Totals are determined using a set hourly rate for the various types of equipment utilized at the client’s location.

509 720-PLOW             509 720-7569
Bonded • Insured • Licensed • Locally Owned

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