Spokane Plow Snow & Ice Removal
Serving the Spokane, Post Falls and CDA area
A legitimate job at a legitimate price...
Bonded • Insured • Licensed • Locally Owned

De-Ice Service

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Professional Snow and Ice Management

Spokane Plow provides complete snow removal services including snow plowing, snow hauling, de-icing, ice control, shoveling, sidewalk clearing and maintenance for commercial and residential properties.

Spokane Plow provides this service so that your family, employees, customers, residents, and suppliers arrive safe and sound. Spokane Plow clears the way for you to conduct business while others are still digging themselves out. Parking areas, access roads, walkways, and entrances get immediate and constant attention throughout snow emergencies with Spokane Plow's snow removal equipment, staff, procedures and training.

Based in Spokane, Washington, Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and proudly service the Spokane, Nine Mile, Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Spokane Plow strives to stay the best in the business.

With us you always get the best price and the most professional service.

Yes!, We provide De-Ice services for parking lots, driveways and sidewalks!

509 720-PLOW             509 720-7569
Bonded • Insured • Licensed • Locally Owned



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